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Dustwalker: Episode 1

A tale of a desert warlock coming into her powers · By GildedOctopusStudios


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Launching Dustwalker
The wind roars across the desert blowing dust across the lands. Once these lands were green and lush but they were ruled by wizards then. Now the land is barren...
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Date Set for Launch
The finished version of Dustwalker will be launching this Friday. This is the first game I've done Beta testing with and it really went well. I'm so excited fo...
Updated key art
Dustwalker is getting close to being ready to release and that means key art. This has been a huge learning curve for me and you can really see the difference b...
Beginning Beta Testing
Just uploaded the files and sent out keys to beta testers. I'm excited to see what people think of it...
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Hi, First off thank you for beta testing Dustwalker. This is a place for talking about the beta.
started by GildedOctopusStudios Apr 06, 2020
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