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"This desert land was ruled once by wizards. It was green and lush but they took one child in 5. There was a war and the wizard’s tower was destroyed. Since then they have left us alone to turn to dust. Don’t go to the ruined tower eldritch things still live there.”

-Jasmine’s Grandfather

The land is dry and dusty but bands of wild horses roam across it and wizards no longer rule. Jasmine was named for a flower from her mother’s land. After her father’s death and her mother returning to her own people she lives with her uncle, the local smith. She tames and trains the wild horses selling them at the horse fair in a neighboring village twice a year.

She begins to realize that there is something different about her skills with horses after visiting the abandoned tower where a wizard lived, something magical. She hides her new found powers as she begins to experiment with them. 

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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