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The Sorceress who rules the duchy of Bramblewood is looking for a new gardener. Requirements: 

Must like plants

 Is not afraid of dragons 

Able to help locals 

Beta Coming Soon

Bramblewood is a farming sim/rpg  where you get a job as a gardener for a sorceress in a land without humans.

A cheerful and delightful romp through a magical landscape. Inspired  by the RPG and immersive sim genres Bramblewood is an open world extravaganza. You start as a stranger who wanders into a neglected duchy recently acquired by a sorceress and get a job as her gardener. 


  • Sorceress
  • Deer girl
  • Gargoyle girl

✦Cool Features✦

  • Over 60+ different types of plants
  • Completed quests add sketches to your sketchbook
  • Full day/night cycle with moving clouds and twinkling stars

Website: https://gildedoctopusstudios.com/bramblewood/

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