First bug found and fixed!

I would like to thank everyone who brought "the bug where it just would never give any recommendations and just kept loading" to my attention. Turns out the file that contains all the board game data wasn't installing in the correct location. To fix it I first came up with a temporary solution where beta testers could manually install the file to the correct location. This was  not a great fix since it required an extra step and some computer literacy with where it needed to be installed. 

Then I did some research into other options using Unity unfortunately there wasn't a great built in way to install files in particular locations without creating a custom windows installer. So I came up with a work around. It's not great but it is user friendly. The data is permanently stored in a .cs file and then at runtime a .txt file is created from that .cs file.  The benefit to this is it doesn't matter where you install the Board Game Search Engine and you don't have to do an extra copy paste step.

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Aug 16, 2022

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